Takelia's Picks

Takelia's Picks

Hey Girls. Mama says I love to pick... pick pick pick.

I guess I was born to shop and I truly believe I just keep picking winners. Who doesn't like to mix and match. Accessorizing is more than a habit...it's an obsession.

I Love hitting the boutiques and shopping online. Sometimes I score cool new gear in the strangest places. Out with the old and in with the new. It's not that I don't like the stuff I bought in the past it's just that I need to keep coming up with fresh new styles every month...year after year. HeHaHa  A girls gotta look good and I must admit I'm running out of room in my closets and  my dressers are near capacity. That's not going to stop me. As a matter of fact I feel good about myself when I donate my old stuff to charity. When I say old stuff I mean um... sometimes its never been worn or maybe only had a couple of outings. My mother says I'm a shopaholic and my husband just says I'm beautiful. It's not easy being a real fashionista but somebodies gotta do it. 

Takelia's Favorites are some of my top picks from all of the various collections on my site. I love each one for different reasons and yes sometimes I need the same item in two colors. Before I became a mother it was all about looks but nowadays I am leaning more towards comfort. Who says you can't have it all.

I'll have my cake AND eat it too. Is there any strawberry ice cream with that? Small piece...lil scoop? Well I guess it's Back to the gym.  Might as well stop by that new boutique that just opened across the street.  

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