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Welcome to Takelia's NEW Online Store & Blog

    We are happy to announce the launch our new Shopify store. We have had our website online for a few years but we are now expanding our presence and brand in different directions. We are proud to bring you many new products and designs that I have sourced from around the world and added to our collections. We are growing fast and will be adding new items weekly. Please sign up for our email list so you don't miss a beat.

   I thought I would share some of my background with you all. I started fashion designing while being a fashion model over 10 years ago. I loves to design clothing that is hip, fresh and vibrant. Our designs are fun to wear and make you feel lively. We have developed a fantastic line of all natural health, beauty and make up products that have become quite popular. Make sure you give them a try if you haven't already.

   Over the years of designing I have developed my own unique style of clothing that has a diverse appeal. It has been a trial and error process but I believe I have come up with some designs that will stand the test of time. Working as an small independent design company has allowed us to customize many of our designs for the individual. All of our customized clothing is handmade in the USA utilizing fabrics from around the world. It take a little more time to have something designed especially for you but the wait is worth it.

   We have developed relationships with international manufacturers to bring you a new variety of products that we think you'll love. I pledge to always bring you trendy fashions & unique designs that I would wear myself. Expect quality products at a fair price. It doesn't matter if your big or small , Short or tall. Hot or Cold, Young or Old. Dress the part and come from the heart. One company advertised the tagline "If you don't look good...We don't look good"  So true but our motto is "When you LOOK good...you FEEL good!"

Thank you for shopping at Takelias and reading our blog. We have many more interesting and informative posts planned so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions for topics to blog about or if there is anything you would like us to carry in our store just let me Know. I would love to hear from you.



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