Takelia's specializes in bringing you trendy fashions & unique designs from around the world. We primarily focus on women's clothing and accessories but we now have our own line of all natural make up and beauty products. We have put together some hip clothing and accessories and assembled some great collections especially for you. When shopping with Takelia people have grown to expect quality products at a fair price.

   Takelia's Fashion & Beauty was founded in 2012 in Boston by Takelia Cook. Takelia started designing clothing while being a fashion model. She loves to design clothing that is hip, fresh and vibrant. Her designs are fun to wear and make you feel lively. in 2018 she introduced a new line of all natural make up and beauty products which is being revamped for the 2023 season. She has quite an eye for fashion and we're sure you will find something you will love. We have new items coming online all the time so be sure to check back often. We appreciate you!